ELECTRICAL SERVICESElectrical Installations & Testing

We offer comprehensive electrical installation testing. All aspects of the electrical installation are inspected and tested for strength, integrity and compliance

Comprehensive expert electrical testing to ensure building safety and compliance

Electrical products are an essential part of modern living. Without these innovative (and sometimes lifesaving) products life would be very different. However, electricity is also unpredictable and without regular and rigorous testing can be incredibly dangerous. 

That’s why there’s so much legislation in place when it comes to working with electricity. So, to ensure that your electrical installations are safe you need to work with certified experts. Not only will this keep you within the boundaries of the law, but it will also provide a much needed layer of safety. Naturally, you will want to understand the test procedures that these experts will use, so let’s take a closer look at them.

New Installation Testing

Our full range of electrical testing services include:

  • Design review of electrical installations
  • Mandatory initial inspection of electrical installations
  • Periodical verification of electrical installations (first & recurring)
  • Specific missions for insurers
  • Power measurement of electrical installations
  • Perturbation measurement of electrical installations
  • Electrical failure risk analysis
  • Technical advisory on how to design and use electrical installations
  • Thermographic measurement of electrical installations
  • Lightning protection

Key Customer Benefits

With our in-depth experience and knowledge in the field of low-voltage electrical inspections, the electrical testing service from Kastom Technologies assists clients to:

  • Ensure the safety of people and property
  • Ensure the quality of measurements, avoiding fraud
  • Safeguard the normal operation of electrical installations, preventing disturbances to other installations and services
  • Avoid electricity blackouts
  • Comply with all codes, standards and current legislation covering low-voltage electrical installations   

Electrical Installations Testing

The only way to confirm that electrical installations are safe is by combining all these test procedures. And, remember, these are not tests that can be completed by anyone. You need a fully qualified electrician to carry out these tests safely and accurately.

  • Electrical continuity and conductivity tests
  • Insulation resistance tests between live conductors and the protective conductors
  • Insulation resistance/impedance of floors and walls
  • Additional protection by verifying the effectiveness of the protective measure
  • Polarity test where the rules prohibit the installation of single-pole switching devices in the neutral conductor.
  • Check of phase sequence in case of multiphase circuit
  • Functional test of switchgear and control gear by verifying their installation and adjustment
  • Earth resistance testing