Fiber Optic Installation

Fiber optic installation is a tricky and expensive process, but is it worth it for the high download speeds? We’ll look at some of the considerations for installing fiber optics at your worksite and if it makes sense for you to upgrade.

We Build fiber networks that will never let you or your customers down

There are many components that make up a successful fiber optic installation. At Kastom Technologies Limited we specialize in multiple cable installation services such as fiber optic fusion splicing and fiber optic cable repair. We have certified fiber optic contractors that will ensure your business gets the reliability and speed of all kinds of internet tasks. Should your newly installed fiber optic cables get damaged in any way, our contractors can speedily repair all damages. When your business invests in fiber optic cables, you will receive higher bandwidth capacity and will become less vulnerable to electromagnetic interference. Regardless of your working environment, our skilled fiber optic engineering will guarantee appropriate integration of fiber optic cabling into new or existing buildings. The security, performance and sustainability needs of your project will be addressed by our team to meet your business requirements. We will also perform network audit services to inform you of what you currently have in your facility.

Fibre Optic Network Design

Let our fibre optic installation team design & install your fibre optic network solution from end to end, day one to completion, on time and always on budget. 

Fibre Optic Installation

You can count on our fibre optic installation and design solutions team to take care of all your fibre optic cabling needs. All our fibre optic solutions are bespoke with your budget and data cabling needs in mind. 

Fibre Optic Splicing

In order to keep your network running at the optimum level, we would recommend a regular maintenance package. With our state of the art cable testing equipment, we can identify any potential problems 

Fibre Optic Maintenance

In order to keep your network running at the optimum level we would recommend a regular maintenance package. With our state of the art cable testing equipment we can identify any potential problems


Fibre Optic Cable Installers in Kenya

Fiber is becoming the preferred structured cabling because it can be run further and at faster speeds than typical Category cable. It provides an added level of future-proofing for your network buildout. Our experienced field technicians and Project Managers are capable of planning, designing, and installing networks comprised of only fiber, such as fiber to the desk applications or a combination of fiber and traditional copper networks. Once installed, we can also maintain, troubleshoot, and upgrade your system as needed. Our services include aerial, underground, between buildings installations, in distances of a few hundred feet up to a few miles. We also help your business get connected by providing on-site termination of multi-strand fiber.

Fibre Optic Cable Equipment

Whether required for the installation, testing, handling or repairs of fibre optic cable, we are capable of carrying out all manner of work related to this field thanks to the right people, the right equipment and the right work ethic.

As professional installers of fibre optic cable we are well-versed in the guidelines for working with this delicate equipment, including safety standards. Our company’s reputation for safety and quality is something that makes us incredibly proud, and we carry this through in our fibre optic cable services.

Quality Assured Fibre Optic Installation

We only use the best network products to give you the best infrastructure at a price where the highest quality comes without the high price tag.

  • All fibre optic cables are terminated with fusion splicers to give the best possible connection
  • Fibre optic patch panels and boxes can be presented with any of the standard connector end Types
  • All connections are fully tested to the industry standards using optical power and light source meters and also OTDR
  • All of our installations in this sector carry a 25 year manufacturer’s product warranty

Hire Professionals To Install Your Fiber Optic Network

We have been installing fibre optic networks since 2010. Our solid understanding of fibre optic and network cabling makes our installation service a preferred choice for our customers. Our clients stem from large scale offices to schools and colleges all over Kenya. 

You can count on our installation and design solutions team to take care of all your fiber optic cabling requirements. All of our solutions are bespoke with your budget and requirements needs in mind, while still maintaining quality and integrity.

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