SOLAR ENERGYSolar Water Heating

Upgrading your home or business with a solar water heater to a more sustainable way of living will save you money, you can save up to 40% on your current electric bills. Statistics have shown that a typical household of four will save a 1/3 of their electricity bill, and the savings will pay back the cost of the solar water heater in a few years.

Solar Water Heating Is More Affordable Than You Might Think

Kenya is blessed by prevalent sunshine, solar water heating can provide up to 75% of hot water energy needs and significantly reduce electricity bills. Kastom Energy has a range of solar heating systems and accessories to meet specific household needs. A primary concern regarding the installation of solar heating systems is cost. Previously, the costs of solar energy were prohibitively high, but with technological advancements and an increasing awareness of the need to alleviate dependence on commercial energy sources, the average price of a solar heating system has decreased dramatically. Studies have proven that solar heating systems can shave up to 40% off your overall monthly electricity bill.

Solar Water heating solutions generate up to 80% savings

Electrical water heating makes up about 40% of a typical Kenyan total electricity bills. So what can we do about these water heating expenses? How can we reduce them?
Solar Water Heaters use the power of the sun to heat your water, they generate warm water through out the day without any maintenance . The system is maintained by a solar water heater controller which only uses your electricity when you specify it to. A Solar Water Heating System can reduce up to 40% of your previous used electric expense.


Reduce Your Electricity Bill

In a typical Kenyan household, a hot water shower contributes approximately 60% of the total monthly electricity cost. By switching to a solar water heater you would have substantial savings every month up to 80% of this amount. Reduce your carbon footprint by going green

Solar Means You're Also Going Green

In addition to reducing your carbon footprint by switching to a solar water heater, you are also taking a big step towards living a greener, more sustainable lifestyle. This will not only benefit you and your family now but also the generations to come in the future.

Add Value to Your Property

In the current tough economic times, property buyers are very discerning and will look for every feature available to them when making a property purchase. Installing a solar water heater in your home now, not only benefits your family while living there but it also adds significant value to the resale value of your property.

We offer better quality products at an affordable price, and we offer the best solar water heating solutions.

Solar water heating is efficient, eco-friendly, and economical. It’s an investment that offers immediate cost savings and good long-term returns. Install a solar water heating system in your home, and you’re also guaranteed a consistent supply of hot water, round the clock and irrespective of Eskom power outages.

Water heating makes up a large part of your monthly electricity spend. It is, therefore, worthwhile to consider alternatives.

A solar hot water heater can be a great investment if you’re looking to replace an old, inefficient hot water heater, and particularly if you’re trying to work out what kind of system to install in a new home. A solar hot water system gets most of its energy from the sun, so it cuts down on your energy bill and also produces a lot less greenhouse gas emissions. 


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