Solar EnergyGrid-Tie Systems

One of the most common applications for commercial solar energy systems is known as the grid-tie system. The excess energy produced each day is then shared with the utility grid, which earns your company credit on your energy bills.

Grid Tied Solar Power Systems

For someone interested in reducing your monthly electricity bill a Grid-Tied System might be the answer for you. Grid-Tied systems work by supplementing grid electricity. In recent years Grid-Tied systems have become more popular. This we are able to reduce your electricity usage in your organization. The system provides electricity during the day and grid power is only used when the load exceeds the power that can be generated by the system. This means you use less power from the national grid and thus reduce your bill.

BenefitsWhy Consider a Grid-tie System?

Instant Savings

Grid-tie systems provide you with tangible savings from Day 1. It cushions you from the ever-growing power tariffs from the national grid.

No Interruptions

Your business will not experience any interruptions during the installation of your solar power system, making it a hassle-free experience.

Reliable Energy

The national power grid is notoriously unstable with rolling blackouts a common occurrence. With solar energy, your lights will always stay on.

Cheap Energy

Save over 20% monthly when you use grid-tie solar power instead 100% reliability on the national grid – This gives you a quick return on investment.

How does a Grid-Tied System work?

A Grid-Tied system works by supplementing the national grid. Power generated by the solar panels is used to provide power to the load. If the load exceeds the power that can be provided by the system, grid power is used to supplement the remaining power needed.

The inverter is used to convert the DC power from the solar panels to AC power. A Grid-Tied system will NOT work when grid power is off because the system needs to be connected to the grid to function. There will also be no backup if the power is out because normally no batteries are used in these kinds of systems.


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