STAY CONNECTEDPower Backup Systems

You can rely on our skillful team to design you a high-quality power backup system that perfectly fits your needs and budget.

Home and office power backup systems

We understand the frustrations experienced by our clients with the current instability of the national grid and the frequent load shedding which is set to become a daily reality in Kenya. This page outlines some of our standard Battery Backup Power Systems which will ensure that you are protected from the consequences of ongoing power outages and provide you with backup power when you need it.

A Hybrid Solar Solution comprises solar panels, battery energy storage as well as utility and/or generator power working together seamlessly, 24 hours a day, to provide power to your electrical appliances. The battery provides backup power and stores the solar-generated energy for later use–reducing your electricity bill. Our systems include the ability to export power to the utility grid if you choose to. We are here to assist you in sizing and designing the optimal system for your requirements and budget.

Battery & Inverter Power Backup

Batteries are charged with grid power when it is available. Then during a power failure, the inverter automatically switches over and supplies your house or business with energy stored in the battery. Then when the grid power comes back, the batteries are charged with the grid power again, ready for the next power failure. The perfect backup power for your home, home office or small business

Solar Power Backup Systems

This system allows you to enjoy uninterrupted power supply all the times and hence allow one to carry out daily functions without fearing for power cuts & trips.
They are noiseless and gives out back up power automatically without the input of a technician once installed. They’re suitable for domestic and medium to high commercial applications.

Protect Your Business from Long Power Interruptions with Battery Power Backup Systems.

Be prepared before the next time the power goes out with a standby battery powered generator. Build your own battery backup system for your home or business. A battery backup system allows you to power your essentials when the grid is down. Using sealed AGM deep cycle batteries, this system is safe for indoor use; you can install this system in your closet, in the corner of your office, or make it portable by using a cart.

Stay protected, stay connected with our power backup solutions for your business.