UMBRELLA.CO.KEBusiness Solutions

Our business solutions leverage technology and creative solutions to cut operating costs, grow your client base, as well as increase operational efficiencies, and enhance opportunities to increase revenue.

Offering End-to-End IT, Marketing, Creative & Business Value Tools – From Promise to Proof.

Our solutions reflect a deep understanding of real-world business challenges, thanks to our utilization of technology to render practical solutions. As a result, we have successfully completed 300 plus projects within and outside the African markets. Umbrella Business Solutions was built on core values and continuously works towards excellence, which results in uncompromising quality and outstanding performance.

Business Applications

Business in the modern age require modern tools to keep up with the ever changing technological land scape. We provide businesses with advanced CRM and ERP applications  for easier management, customer interactions and simplified operations.

Cloud Solutions

We believe that now more than ever, organizations need secure systems in place to aid collaboration. Therefore, we help connect people, operations, products, and customers for organizations of all sizes.

PBX Telephony Solutions

Our Cloud PBX (Private Branch Exchange) offering promises to minimise management and operational headaches, while improving client relationships and ensuring seamless communications across all your devices.

Digital Assets & Marketing

Our digital creative division offers small to medium sized businesses creative products and solutions such as digital marketing solutions and online visibility tools such as websites development and mobile applications development as well as other important digital assets for your organization

Driving innovation and diverse technologies to keep businesses ahead of the curve