ELECTRICAL SOLUTIONSElectrical Safety Audits

Electricity has become an integral part of our everyday life and we better understand its importance in our life during a few minutes of power outages. In recent times, with the rapid growth of industries and commercial space, we are witnessing an exponential increase in the number of electrical accidents.
safety-audit in kenya

Expert advice on your electrical safety tools, equipment, systems and training effectiveness.

Electrical Safety Audit is examining the security of electrical installations of any industrial unit or organization. Electrical Safety Audit is performed by enquiry, inspection, testing and verification. Electrical Safety Audits are conducted by experienced professionals who assist clients in reducing risk and help to ensure compliance with applicable Safety Standards and Regulations.

We are the best electrical audit company in Kenya

At Kastom Technologies our priority is to ensure optimum safety of your property while meeting the compliance standards. From scheduled electrical checks to compliance testing, our certified electrical inspectors are adept in performing a thorough examination of your property with a quick turnaround time. Call the best safety audit providers with the best resources, prices, and services.

Why Choose Our Electrical Safety Audit Services?

Not every company or individual claiming to offer electrical inspection can do the job as expected. Only trained and qualified professionals who possess apt experience in this industry can run a thorough inspection of your electrical system. We are committed to offering the best resources, certified professionals, quick turnaround, best price, and complete inspection. Hire our Electrical safety audit for the best results.

Preventive Maintenance

It helps in identifying the problem which can lead to potential hazard.

Effective Operation & Maintenance

A timely energy audits identifies the upcoming issues and its recommendations wensures and effective Operation & maintenance


It has become mandatory in various sectors to undergo Electrical safety Audit after a specified time span.

Energy Saving

Over heating is the major problem in the electrical network which leads to power losses. You can safe energy by timely Electrical safety Audit

Scope of Electrical Safety Audit

The Electrical Safety Audit includes the review of documentation with respect to the scope covered in audit, an on-site visit, and data collection, their review and analysis. This will also require the cross-check and verification of information and data which may include industry norms and peer data. Following is the methodology which we follow at EnKing International for conducting an Electrical Safety Audit in detail:
  • A Pre-Audit Meeting (opening meeting).
  • On-site visit and inspection
  • Discussion with members of the house.
  • Review of Documentation / Records
  • Submission of final electrical safety audit (ESA) reportĀ 
safety-audit in kenya