SMALL COMMERCIAL SOLAR SOLUTIONSMaximize your profitability by saving more on power bills

We are experts across the full range of solar power applications for small to mid level commercial projects, our core focus is keeping your business profitable by increasing savings and improving productivity at lower costs.

Hotels & Resorts Solar Solutions

For the environmentally conscious hoteliers, going green means a lot more than reusing towels and asking guests to turn off the lights when they leave their rooms. Sustainability, clearly, starts at the source: Solar energy. Recognizing that energy costs will steadily continue to rise at a base of 2.5% – 3.5% annually or more, savings from solar power systems will continuously increase even by installing a modestly sized solar system.

Religious and Mission institutions solar solutions

When religious and other nonprofit agencies use solar power for their electricity needs, they insulate their organizations from rising utility prices. In the nonprofit world, any money not spent on operations can go directly to support the organization’s mission, and that is good for the whole community. When nonprofit institutions have more control over their power, they can worry less about costs and more about service, education, or charitable activities.


Petrol stations & filling station Solar Solutions

Gas stations running on solar energy is a growing trend in the Kenya for many obvious and compelling reasons. To start, running multiple refrigerators, air conditions and lighting, inside and outside, 24 hours a day can cost thousands each month especially with current high utility prices that are steadily increasing every year.

Additionally, the shade structures and canopies over the fuel pumps are ideally suited to accommodate the solar panel arrays; solving a major challenge otherwise presented by the relatively large real-estate space needed to host these solar system panels.


Auto garage and vehicle service centers

Solar energy can turn your garage into a small self-sustaining power plant. You can set up a workshop there or charge an electric car without worrying about power outages. Using solar in your garage can particularly be beneficial if you use high consumption power power tools in your your garage on a daily basis.

Agribusiness facilities solar solutions

Among renewable energy sources, solar is the most important because it is available in all the regions of the world. Modern, well-designed, simple-to-maintain solar systems can provide the energy that is needed, where it is needed, and when it is needed. These are systems that have been tested and proven around the world to be cost-effective and reliable, and they’re already raising levels of agricultural productivity worldwide.

agricultural solar solutions

Educational institutions solar solutions

For schools & institutes, overall savings from solar can be drastic. By implementing solar installations on site, school systems are able to save money on electricity over the long run and showcase new technology to students and community members.
Fortunately, solar power is a free source of energy, found in abundance throughout the world, and advanced technology and skilled installers have made it even more accessible and affordable for institutions


Mining & construction solar solutions

Making sure your project stays on track during the construction and commissioning stage is vital to being able to get your plant online and revenue generated as forecast. With a rapid on-time delivery of power to your project, we can fast-track your mine’s construction and commissioning phases – getting you there quicker.

Partnering with Kastom Technologies means that you’ll never lack the power your mining and construction needs – and we’ll also right size the power capacity on site, delivering fuel savings and reducing emissions in the process. We work alongside you to fully determine the construction and commissioning needs of your mine, and then design and deliver a bespoke solution that works for you.

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